Personal Dutch

The Personal Dutch course is for anyone committed to learning Dutch and who is looking for a personal approach.

This course consists of weekly 1-on-1 lessons, where we focus on your speaking Confidence, your pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary. Everything about this course is tailored to your individual needs and your existing level of Dutch—starting from a solid level A2 and up. 

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If you’re looking for a personal, private, goal-oriented Dutch learning experience, this is the course for you.

What the course includes:

We work in cohorts of 3 months. Every week we'll meet for one online lesson of 50 minutes where we work together to improve your Dutch. In our lessons we dive deeply into what YOU need to learn.  But that's not all:

For 4 days a week I'm available via Whatsapp to ask me all your questions, so that you will never feel stuck. It's like having me on speed dial in your pocket. You can also send me audio messages which I will give feedback on. This way you will see rapid change, because you're not just practicing one hour a week. It's a new life style in which you will integrate your Dutch speaking skills EVERYDAY.

It's a personal program adjusted to your needs and goals. We will use real podcasts, video's and texts to practice real life Dutch and to discuss during the lessons. You will be able to pick the theme's you want to talk about, this can also be work related.

Are you ready to start speaking Dutch the way you know you can, with me by your side?

Cost for this package: € 2399,- 

(Payment in 2 installments is optional)

Spots are limited. Scheduling can be done between 10 and 15u on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. 

 Please leave your details via this contact form or send me an email on 

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This course is for you if:

You're committed to studying and speaking Dutch in your everyday life.

You need a personally-tailored program.

You want to learn at your own pace, without the distraction of other students.

You need a teacher that motivates you to study and practice outside of the class.

You're looking for a fun and easy-going, but also motivating learning experience.

What others say about private lessons with Mama Dutch.

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About the teacher

My name is Mariska and as a teacher, I believe that learning a new language should be a stress-free and fun activity that easily integrates into your busy life. Over the years, I’ve seen so many students lose the joy of learning Dutch. After taking a typical Dutch course, you might believe that you’re either too old or too busy to learn Dutch. Or that there’s no need to learn the language because everybody speaks English. But learning a language is also learning about culture!

In this intensive, private course, I’ll give you a closer look into Dutch culture and use the language to teach you all the fun and weird things about the Dutch!

Plan your intake session

Two spots available for starting in April and May. 
Just send me an email, a DM on Instagram (@mariska.mamadutch) or fill in the form via the button below, so we can discuss when your Dutch journey can begin!

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