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Prepare for the inburgeringsexamen A2 - so you will kick-ass and pass in one try!

Are you done with feeling scared or stressed about the exams and are you ready to get them done? Let me help you!

In the past years I helped many students to prepare for their exams and they all passed in one try, so I thought it’s time I share my skills with you.  

Zaterdag 21 mei – 10- 11:30u – on Zoom

Can’t be there live? You will receive a replay!

This masterclass is for you if:

You're almost ready to take the exam, but you are a bit afraid of what's coming or worried that you're not ready yet.

You want to know how the exams work and what you can expect.

You want to find out the best ways to answer the questions in the exams.

You have questions about the exams and want to have them answered.

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In this masterclass you will learn:

What to expect of the 4 'vaardigheden' exams: spreken, lezen, schrijven en luisteren (it will not be about KNM en ONA).

My magic strategy to answer the questions in the best and easiest way.

How to avoid making mistakes.

How to get through the exam without sweaty armpits.

The masterclass will take place online on Zoom. It will be partially in English and Dutch. You will receive a replay of the masterclass. 

Cost: € 77

You are welcome to join if you have at least A1 and some basic knowledge of the past tenses. 

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After this course you will:

Feel confident to take the exams.

Have the best tools in hand to pass in one try.

Are ready to pass and leave the exams behind!

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About the teacher

My name is Mariska and as a teacher, I believe that learning a new language should be a stress-free and fun activity that easily integrates into your busy life. Over the years, I’ve seen so many students lose the joy of learning Dutch. After taking a typical Dutch course, you might believe that you’re either too old or too busy to learn Dutch. Or that there’s no need to learn the language because everybody speaks English, or that you’ll never really learn it.. 

That’s why I teach. To help you bring back the joy of learning a new language, and to help you remember to keeping it light and fun for yourself even though it can be frustrating at times!

This masterclass takes place on

Zaterdag 21 mei  | 10:00 – 11:30.

Online via Zoom. 


Are you in?

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