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Inburgeringsexamen A2 - Video course

Prepare for the inburgeringsexamen A2 – so you will kick-ass and pass in one try!

Are you done with feeling scared or stressed about the exams and are you ready to get them done? Let me help you!

In the past years I helped many students to prepare for their exams and they all passed in one try – this is why I created the online video course to help you prepare too! The course is about lezen, luisteren, spreken en schrijven

In this course I give you all the tools you need to feel confident and relaxed while taking the exams. 

After this course you will be ready to pass! 

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This course is for you if:

you're almost ready to take the exam, but you are a bit afraid of what's coming or worried that you're not ready yet.

You want to know how the exams work and what you can expect.

You want to find out the best ways to answer the questions in the exams.

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In this course you will learn:

What to expect of the 4 'vaardigheden' exams: spreken, lezen, schrijven en luisteren (it is not about KNM en ONA).

My proven strategy to answer the questions in the best and easiest way.

How to avoid making mistakes.

How to get through the exam without sweaty armpits.

My golden tips on how to go into the exam relaxed and zelfverzekerd (confident)!

The course is partially in English and Dutch.

Deze cursus kost: € 47 (inclusief btw)

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After this course you will:

Feel confident to take the exams.

Have the best tools in hand to pass in one try.

Are ready to pass and leave the exams behind!


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About the teacher

My name is Mariska and as a teacher, I believe that learning a new language can be a stress-free and fun activity that easily integrates into your busy life.

Over the years, I helped many students to prepare for their inburgeringsexamen. What I noticed is that they all have one thing in common: a fear of failure. That’s why I focus on confidence building in my classes. We do this by creating an understanding of what is expected of you in the exam – but also by focusing on what you can expect and practicing this! 

Due to high demand I’ve integrated my knowledge about the A2 exam in this video course. My goal is to make you feel confident and relaxed to take this exam and kick ass!

Je kan dit! Succes!

I want this!

This video course will help you prepare for the integration exams A2:

Lezen, Luisteren, Schrijven en Spreken. 

You can purchase the course via the button below. After signing up you will receive your personal log in codes so you can log in to the Mama Dutch Academy and start right away

Heel veel succes!

Veelgestelde vragen (FAQ)

Is this course in Dutch? Partially yes. I speak both English and Dutch in the videos. When I speak Dutch I speak slow so you will be able to understand.

Is this course also for KNM and ONA? No, this course focuses on lezen, schrijven, luisteren en spreken. There is a book that can help you prepare for KNM ('Welkom in Nederland').

I haven't planned my exams yet. Can I still buy this course? Yes, if you're taking the exams on A2 level (for everyone who entered the Netherlands before 2022 (but please check with the gemeente about what applies to you!)), than you can buy this course in advance - even if you're unsure about when you're taking the exams.

Should I have A2 level before I buy this course? No, you can buy the course before you're at A2 level. By taking this course you will find out if your language level is sufficient for taking the exams.

Can you help me to get to A2 level? Not yet. But I do offer an online course with everything you need to get to A1 level. So if you feel like you need a structured repetition of the basics up to A1, check out the Beginners Course.

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