Business Course

Would you like to give your employees the opportunity to learn Dutch?

Learning Dutch can be very difficult for newcomers, especially when they spend most of their time with English speakers. As their employer, you can give your employees the chance to learn Dutch in a collaborative environment.

Learning the language as a group has great benefits:

Feeling more at home in a new country

Creating a sense of team spirit

Improving relations between Dutch and foreign employees

Group sessions at work are usually held once a week, either after work hours (1,5  to 2 hours), or during lunch time (1 hour)—whatever you prefer. Lessons can be held online, or (when circumstances allow) at your office space. 

Groups and private lessons

I also offer individual language training for employees who have specific needs or who need to improve their Dutch skills very quickly. For instance, if an employee needs to work on their Dutch writing, speaking, or presentation skills, individual lessons can be tailored specifically for their needs.

The cost of group language lessons depends on the number of students. I can teach a maximum of 12 students at a time, and require a minimum time commitment of 15 hours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have, or to request a  quotation for a business course. 

The teachers

Due to high demand, I’ve added more teachers to my team. They all share my teaching philosophy and, as a bonus, have their own individual teaching expertise. Bringing more teachers onboard means I can offer classes at times that work for your schedule.

Each teacher brings their own experience and unique value to the table, so I carefully match classes and teachers based on the needs of each group.

Please scroll down to meet the other teachers!

maria kempers

Hallo, ik ben Maria Kempers!

I’ve been an enthusiastic NT2 teacher for years now. It’s so much fun to teach, and to travel the world in my own classroom! I teach at all levels, from A1 to C1 as well as courses in writing and speaking skills. I love bringing my students forward in Dutch and contributing to the new life they’ve ended up in, here in the Netherlands – or with a Dutch partner abroad. 

In my lessons I focus on the student’s needs: listening skills, grammar, speaking, and so on. I am familiar with both an analytical approach and with a focus on learning through speaking. I keep up with developments in the field of NT2 education and integrate them in my teaching.

During my career I specialized in intercultural communication, therefore I know how to bridge the gap between the culture of the student and the Dutch culture. After all, culture is inherent to language, and vice versa. You can’t get away with “speaking English in Dutch,” so to speak. And it is a lot of fun to teach this. The focus in my lessons is on acquiring the language, which I interweave with the beautiful culture of the Netherlands.

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