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Je staat nu op de wachtlijst voor
Dutch for Moms!

Bedankt voor je aanmelding. Je staat nu op de wachtlijst voor Dutch for Moms in de lente (spring)!


Zodra er meer bekend is hoor je dit van me!

♥ Liefs,


Ps: check out my Dutch Boost conversation course if you want to take it one step further! 

Or the Intergrate with Confidence course if you are ready to pass your inburgeringsexamens A2. 



Dutch Boost

Dutch Boost is an eight-week online group course for those who have reached A2, B1 or B2 level, but are afraid to speak Dutch in real life.

We focus on speaking and pronunciation practice in class and keep in contact throughout the week via a WhatsApp group to make sure you practice in real life! 

The class is capped at 6 students to ensure enough speaking time for everyone.

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